Friday, February 15, 2008

Really missing you...

As I am getting more and more involved in the skateboard industry and meeting and hanging out with more and more famous skaters, I can't help but think of Kevin. God damn I wish he was here to experience this with me. Everything we ever talked about doing involved both of us and now I am having to go it alone. Every time I am standing on top of the half pipe or talking with Jason Ellis, PLG or Jake Brown, my mind is preoccupied by the fact that he isn't sharing this experience with me. It really drives home the fact that we only have one shot at this life and if we don't live and enjoy every day to its fullest, we are totally cutting ourselves short.

This entry is kind of a downer but fuck, I wish you were still here bro.

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Anonymous said...

I havnt had a chance to look at your blogs in a long time and this one really hit home. gosh....I am lately thinking about him alot and its probably the fact that you are so involved with what he dreamed of! I just want you to know that think that if there is such thing as the after life....I sure picture him right there beside you in all the pics and all of the events that you have been photographing! There is a reason you became involved in all of this...and maybe in some way its kev leading the way! Gosh I wish he was still here to see how far you've come .....but in the meantime just know that he is somewhere on that half pipe..... experiencing everything right next to you brother! I love you!