Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WOW! Lamb is really good....

I though I had a pretty broadened palate, but I was wrong. I have been watching Anthony Bourdaine's "No Reservations" now for a couple of seasons. The show is great and Anthony kinda reminds me of myself only 20 years older. Often on the show he is confronted with eating lamb and he makes it sound really good. The other day I was out to dinner with a friend of mine and decided to order the lamb. My friend, who is Egyptian, said that if I didn't like the lamb he would trade plates with me so what did I have to lose? He suggested I order the lamb medium rare, and I did against my better judgement. I love my beef rare but never having had lamb before, I was a little hesitant to go through with this. Wow! This meat is really, really good. I soon found my self eating lamb chops like I was a barbarian, only stopping to wipe the occasional blood that was running down my arm off. This was just a few day ago and I have ordered it a couple times since and have considered ordering a big lot of it from the local butcher to prepare the next time I have company up to my house. If you haven't tried Lamb yet, you need to.

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